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5 Ways that I help clients ​

1. Listen to each client. With my ears, with my hands, I listen to clients in consultation and throughout the session. In assessment of movements. Inquiring with my hands, listening touch. Inquiry based, curiosity, experiential based learning. The true scientific method applies to touch therapy and somatic therapies.  

2. Pay attention to the nervous system. In my experience it is stabilizing and supporting a nervous system to balance that is the groundwork for all rehabilitation and change. For many reasons (trauma, boundary issues, stress) people need their nervous systems addressed. And energetic system, one's awareness of themselves in space.

3. Stabilize, clear, flow. Rather than follow one school, I have sought out a wide variety of skillets that share 

certain central principles, and the highest is that they will prioritize the sensory awareness, comfort, and stabilization of nervous system. Consciousness based healing, long-lasting, effective, deep shifts and changes. 

4. Support the body's innate intelligence and power to heal . Need to have the right tool for the job, so I've studied over 3000 classroom hours and nearly 30 years, and the learning has never ended. Perspective outside the box, understanding 

is intelligent and does not lie. True Power. There is always the choice of forcing or pushing through, avoiding the need for patience and sensitivity. Along with it is the idea that we have been conditioned to believe, that aggression and pain is necessary for power. It just isn't true. I work smarter, and model that for others. 

4. Client centered model of healing. 

5. Beyond survival to thriving. I ask myself, where is this person's attention? Where does it go when they are in distress? Up and out? Hunkered down? There are patterns of where we place our attention, and there are skills we can learn by practicing bringing ourselves to our center. This goes beyond stress management, it's really energy management or neurological organization. And when combined with the Feldenkrais work of embodiment, the results are astounding. 

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