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Resources & Practices  


The skills that have hit the mainstream have advanced us, at the same time that our busy lives and pressures traffic and technologies have negatively and positively affected us. 


  • proprioceptive awareness-- yoga nidras (freely available via YouTube)

  • acceptance of the reality of bodymind connection and dis-ease-- stress-related illness wasn't a common phrase 20 years ago.

  • videos, audio files, self regulation apps and podcasts 


  • teach you basic energetic skillsets such as grounding to help you release extra energy 

  • teach you the basic energy skill of me/not me so that you are not filled with other people's energy and so that you can experience your own feelings, thoughts, sensations, and have clarity and direction. 

  • teach you the basic energy skill of edge, so that you do not feel crowded or overrun.

  • teach you the basic energy skill of core, so that you feel centered, with a backbone.

  • teach you the basic energy skills that follow this most basic set.

Taoist practices of ease: 

chi kung or "qi gong"

tai chi

STUCK, inertia, cannot move on? 

For those adverse to trying or proving themselves (who still want to be healthy) 

Often reacting against society's rigid competitive or egoic performance pressure... pressure to perform, we can get into a stagnant cycles. Think of the "Biggest Loser" where someone hires a trainer to pull them out of the ditch that is their couch... This often happens when we get an injury (or heartbreak or lose a job, etc) and we can't pull ourselves out of it right away, and we can't find a person to help us because only we can help ourselves. 

idea of monkey and sage-- for people who adhere to the saying "I am a spiritual being having a physical experience"... it can be difficult to create and track wellness goals, because the idea of having a goal, like reaching the top of a mountain, is hard to identify with when there has been much failure on the physical or social status-sphere. To quote Charles Benyea who describes the stages of ??, reaching the summit is only one stage, followed by the immersion state of feeling space and equinimity (?)... 

One goal is to simply be with what is. Taoism-- involves the radical notion of connecting our own nature with nature, seeing things as they are, rather than how we want them to be. Turn the faucet one way and cold water comes out, the other way and warm water comes out, no matter if it's cold or hot outsdie and what we may want it to be. The constancy of the physical world. We trust the ground, every time we get up. So even if you don't think you are participating or trusting, at a physical level you already ARE. So now, take it a tiny step forward without judgment, witness what you feel, feel your body on the ground.  

Some possible things to try on for size: 

body scan

  • micromovement or envisioning/imagining movement rather than doing it (stroke recovery, painful injury, peak performance for musicians and top athletes too), proprioceptive exercises, meditation, internal qi gong, Feldenkrais

  • gentle movement-- passive (F-I, thai, trager, etc)

  • gentle movement-- active (qi gong, tai chi, moving meditation styles), walking, slow swimming (link to Swim school), hula hoop,

  •  videos of exercise classes (if you don't want someone watching you)

Instruction of ease from Moshe F: 

See little book... 

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