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Q. What if I don't want oils or lotion, or I don't want to undress? 

That's fine. Most sessions can be received while wearing clothing. The benefits of oil are for circulation of fluids, for soothing the nerves, emphasizing connection head to toe, and the specific nutritive benefits of the plant or aromatherapy oil within the oil or salve.

I use extra virgin organic coconut oil, high quality, pure essential oils from Rocky Mountain Oils, wildcrafted Arnica oil from Oaxaca, Mexico and mullein salve from North Carolina.   

Wear loose-waisted clothes without zippers or buttons, such as a t-shirt and cotton drawstring pants.


Floor session 
~no oil~
  • Shiatsu

  • Traditional Thai Massage

  • Massage to address Kapha dosha  

Table session 

with oil 

Ayurvedic massage 

Swedish massage

Massage specifically meant for circulation 

Post surgical massage

Prenatal massage

Post-natal massage

Sports massage

Trigger point therapy

Table session

~no oil~ 


Chi Nei Tsang 

Craniosacral (level 1)

Feldenkrais' Functional Integration

Lauren Berry Method joint work

Myofascial Release

Osteopathic soft tissue 

Polarity Energy Balancing


Table Thai 

Trigger Point Therapy

Tui Na

Visceral Manipulation


Your attention may be drawn to


Physical complaint: 


stiffness or soreness


injured muscle

repetitive stress injury (RSI)

any chronic pain with known or unknown causes

any acute pain with known or unknown causes

misaligned joint, tendon

sore/stiff neck, shoulders, back

pain in upper arm/shoulder

tension in neck/shoulders/base of skull

TMJ and jaw issues

hip issues

knee issues

feet or heel pain (plantarfascitis or other pain)

You may also feel overworked or in need of a "tune up" or overhaul for your nervous system. In common terms this is "stress". Our reactions to stress can be emotional, often shades of anger, fear, or grief. We can also have energetic responses that mimic our longstanding survival patterns that helped us cope with the most difficult or overwhelming times in our early lives, which are still present when we are overwhelmed. I can support you in two ways here:

1. address the physical symptoms 

2. hold a space for you to release emotion

3. use my skills to help you contain, move or release emotion (energy-in-motion) so that it flows (see Ageless Woman resource with emotional digestion, Ayurvedic and modern idea of Nancy Lansdorf MD) 

4. teach you basic energetic skillsets such as grounding to help you day to day.


The skills that have hit the mainstream have advanced us, at the same time that our busy lives and pressures traffic and technologies have negatively and positively affected us. 


  • proprioceptive awareness-- yoga nidras (freely available via YouTube)

  • acceptance of the reality of bodymind connection and dis-ease-- stress-related illness wasn't a common phrase 20 years ago.

  • videos, audio files, self regulation apps and podcasts 


  • teach you basic energetic skillsets such as grounding to help you release extra energy 

  • teach you the basic energy skill of me/not me so that you are not filled with other people's energy and so that you can experience your own feelings, thoughts, sensations, and have clarity and direction. 

  • teach you the basic energy skill of edge, so that you do not feel crowded or overrun.

  • teach you the basic energy skill of core, so that you feel centered, with a backbone.

  • teach you the basic energy skills that follow this most basic set.


"hot" reactive behavior (shades anger: irritability, impatience, hostility, criticism directed inward or to others)

"cold" reactive behavior (shades of fear: anxiety, worry, phobias, 

"sticky" emotional behavior (attachment, grief, lethargy, feeling stuck, lack of self esteem, loss, 

For years I analyzed the conditions and how to assess conditions and treat conditions.

It didn't really work for my own healing, it only took me so far.

More recently, I added the key fundamental piece of checking out how I run energy through my system, or how I carry myself, or where my consciousness is, where is my attention in space? 

-Wendy Palmer and her TED talk about our society's phobia of space and spatial awareness. As an Aikido master black belt, she is familiar with space. "Art photography, the space between things vs. the 'thingies'..."

-Basics as described in Steven Kessler's Five Personality Patterns... 

  • core

  • ground

  • me/not me

  • edge

  • chakras


You are center stage in your healing process. If we work together, I may serve the role of an ally, partner or mentor. 





The first step for you is to decide what you want to receive from the experience. How do you want to feel afterward, or what is it that you are needing? 

If you want relief from pain or discomfort, if you want to heal from an injury or surgery or illness, if you want to simply relax after a long week, if you want support because you are grieving a loss in your life, whatever the reason, let me know, and we will create a session or series of sessions to address your needs.


Some common goals:​ 

  • relaxation 

  • strengthening the inner witness (non-judgmental observation)

  • reconnection with your core, or what is essentially "you"

  • decrease pain (acute or chronic pain)

  • help to heal from a repetitive strain injury (RSI)

  • help to heal from a surgery or illness

  • massage to improve circulation 

  • massage to improve posture

  • attention to 

If you like my work, I may talk to you later about your inner skills, so that I can direct myself to support you further in more preventative self care. Some preventative skills include:

  • accessing your inner witness ​(non judgmental observation)

  • asdf



Once we are clear on the reason for your visit(s), I will ask you about these basic options: 

If other than hands on work, see "self-care skills" section below. 


"I want to receive a massage r manual therapy session"  (If you want other services...)


Rather than asking you to choose one type of session (Swedish, Thai, Myofascial Release, etc), I ask my clients what the reason for their appointment is. The reason, intention or goal can be anything that relates to your physical, emotional or energetic self. 


A few examples: 

  • "I want help healing from this surgery"  

  • "I hurt my hip but I'm hoping to play tennis again soon. 

  • "I want a gentle, relaxing massage.



To begin our session, I will often do a "general listening", to see what is calling for attention, which includes checking your alignment with gravity, your pulse to observe your nervous system, and also talk with you and ask you what your intention is for the session. 


Just so you know, here are some basic options for you to consider.  

Oils (optional): I use organic coconut oil and Rocky Mountain organic essential oils. 

Benefits: I suggest oil massage to alleviate certain imbalances, eg to support the nervous system and joints. A warm oil massage on a heated table is very good for the cold, dry, windy season. If you tend to run cold or have stiff achy joints, oil massage is good any season. Self massage, see Abhangha

Floor work (optional): Floor techniques include full sessions of Traditional Thai massage & barefoot Shiatsu, received on a soft, firm futon. Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons ("ATMs") are done on the floor on a mat. 

Recommended for: 

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