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What to expect




Support = release

Feedback is welcome. Silence or quiet music is available. My touch is gentle, grounded and attuned to your breath. The studio is private and serene.

Rates for massage & bodywork 

These are hands-on table or floor mat sessions at my office

60 min = $120

90 min = $180

Save 10% off when you buy a series of 4 sessions

4 x 60 min = $432 (you save $48)

4 x 90 min = $648 (you save $72)

This payment is due by first session.

There is no expiration date.

You may share this series with your family/household.

Travel fee for home visit sessions:

Variable rates. Contact me for details.

Online sessions (Zoom or FaceTime)

Egoscue posture support sessions or 

Feldenkrais movement lessons

$50 for 75 min private session

$15 for 60 min group class

Payment methods:

Cash, Check

Apps: Venmo, Paypal

Credit Cards: VISA, MC, Am Exp

I can also provide an itemized receipt

aka "superbill" which a person can

submit for reimbursement from

their employee health plan.

No in-person services available in California. 

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