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"I threw my back out today at work from a slight bend and lift of an object. After calling around Tess squeezed me in before an evening appointment she had. Her technique and style is nothing I have ever experienced but I left feeling so much better and relaxed. I already booked another appointment for next week and am very much looking forward to it! Thanks again" -Perla P.

'Thank you Tess, I have been to plenty of therapists but none as thorough or as helpful." -A.B. 

Tess was incredible. My back was a mess, stress from moving and a recent snowboarding fall. She identified my pain points and worked to open up my back. She made some recommendations to improve my body from the stress of working at a computer all day and even identified some of my favorite yoga positions that work the best for me to help relieve the stress on my lower back. I will be seeing her again! Thanks Tess :) -Mariel M. 

“After two years of chronic pain from a car accident, I have hope that my body will heal.  Tess knows what she is doing.  I am in the hands of a deeply knowledgeable massage therapist that understands the physiology of the body along with the emotions that get trapped in the body.  She has created a safe and relaxing environment to facilitate my inflamed tissue to heal. Highly recommended!” -Sara B / counselor

“Tess brings years of training, experience and insight to her work. She is a skilled practitioner who provides truly therapeutic bodywork. Over the years, I’ve had bodywork from many others but no one else comes close to providing the kind of healing and care that Tess provides each time I see her.”-S. Flint / literacy activist

"I arrived in New Orleans with an injury, and thought my vacation was ruined. Thankfully I found Tess, who over just a few sessions worked on me to facilitate the healing process. She has remarkable intuition about what's happening in your body and doesn't just focus on one area--she makes sure the entire body is functioning as it should. Her skills cover the nervous system, lymph drainage, muscle realignment, emotional release and much more.  She is also very caring and makes sure you are fully armed with information and tools for self-care, which altogether means you will heal faster. I highly recommend Tess for bodywork and injury rehabilitation. Thanks to her, I had a great time in New Orleans and just a few weeks later, feel good as new." -Illana T, Queens NY

“Here I thought I was going for a massage and I got so much more. Tess is a true holistic person. We are more than our bodies, we have minds and spirits as well. Within the session, all of those levels were addressed.” 

-M. Caruso/ architectural designer

"Tess is amazing! A dear friend of mine originally recommended her after I got bucked off a horse and couldn't move my head. After the session I felt like a new person. Ever since then I go sporadically to either just treat my body well or to work through some issues such as hip pain or numb hands while sleeping. Whatever issue I have, Tess has an answer and a solution." -Eva D/ teacher

"I have been going to Tess for massages and bodywork for years.  From sports injuries to general relaxation, she is unequaled in her ability to hone in on problem areas and actually make them better.  She does not "go through the motions" like some other automatons I have tried (and only because she moved away for a while), but rather she takes the time to focus on problem areas as needed.  In addition, Tess always makes you feel completely comfortable and relaxed on her table.  Quite simply, she is the best." Allyson D. 

"Tess is fantastic - she is friendly yet professional and just so knowledgeable. She used different techniques to loosen up my back and shoulders and suggested stretches I could do at home. I saw her fairly regularly during a stressful time at work and she also kindly sent me some meditations/movement awareness recordings she thought would be helpful (and they were). It was always a pleasure to see her, not just for the skilled massage she provides but her calm and kind demeanor. I always left a session feeling refreshed." -Liv I. 

"Just amazing. I think that's the most relaxed I've felt in sixty-five years!"-E R / retired psychiatrist 

I have recently started seeing Tess on a weekly basis for pelvic/post partum issues.  Tess is wonderful!  She takes her time to listen to exactly what you need and collaborates on feedback.  I feel like we are working together to heal my pelvic pain instead of just her working on me.  She works very diligently as if she is  sculpting my body and increasing the awareness I have for it (which tends to be a difficult thing be aware of in our busy lives).  I like her style and highly recommend! -Stephanie T.

“You're the only one I've been to who actually assesses what my body needs during the massage.

-Mary L / retired

The best massage ever! Tess is so kind and will make sure she tailors the massage to be exactly what you need. I was very comfortable the entire time and left feeling relaxed and refreshed! -Cheyenne W / Green Bay, WI

“Wow. I’ve had massages in the past that left me hobbling out the door, but my experience with Tess was spectacular! She listened to what I wanted and her gentle but experienced hands worked out all the kinks. She even took the time to explain some of the reasons why I might be experiencing pain and helped me figure out how to make easy adjustments to my training (I’m a runner). It worked so well that the next morning I was able to run further than I ever have before!” -Mariya S / athlete

“I have had body work and massage for most of my adult life (almost 40 years) and Tess is the most exceptional body worker I have had the pleasure to know.  I have been seeing Tess for almost 15 years. Without a doubt, she is the most intuitive and the most skilled.  Her training and years of experience have elevated her above all others.  She has worked with me on my neck, low back and shoulder issues helping me resolve years of pain and discomfort. I most highly recommend her to everyone.  She is awesome."  -Vicki Barr / retired nurse 

"Get ready to relax and heal when you work with Tess. She is so talented! I am a huge fan of massage therapy and have been getting massages for twenty years and Tess is just the best. Not only can she put you in the relaxation zone with her very skilled touch, she can expertly work on issues and set you right. My knee was clicking and it stopped after one session. Like other reviewers, I have noticed how highly intuitive Tess is. She has great knowledge of the body and seems to find and work out problem areas on her own. Such a treasure! 
I have also enjoyed taking her virtual Feldenkrais classes while in person massage was not an option and highly recommend those." -Andrea S / retirement facility supervisor

"I've been to many practitioners over the years. Tess in one of the best I've encountered. Why?

1.Tess is deeply knowledgeable about multiple modalities, so she can access the best to address your specific needs in each session.

2. Tess provides treatments that are effective and long-lasting. After 2 car accidents, my shoulder had limited range of movement. I went to a dozen chiropractors, physical therapists, and massage therapists over a 2-year period. The best I could achieve was temporary relief. After 2-3 sessions with Tess, my relief was permanent.

3. Tess works collaboratively with each client. If you want someone to give you a silver bullet, this probably won't work for you. If you want to actively enter into a partnership where you take Tess's suggestions and do all you can to alleviate your sore spot between sessions, you will probably have a good experience.

4. Although Tess gets deeply into the muscles to re-align them, she never hurts me. She's very attuned to how far to go, and when to back off. She knows you don't have to feel sore to feel better.

5. I feel complete relaxation at the end of each session. My sleep has improved!

6. Tess is the whole package: knowledgeable, professional, compassionate, effective. She has my highest recommendation."


-Francesca A. 

"After my 1 1/2 bodywork session with Tess, I checked my Fitbit app (out of curiosity) and discovered that my heart rate dropped dramatically from 80 to 44 BPM during our session. 44 BPM is my normal resting heart rate while I am in deep sleep. Tess has an amazing technique that relaxes my body as if it were in a Deep Sleep state but I am still awake. Tess's technique is very gentle but extremely effective and your heart will thank you!... In a previous session, I had a really awful allergy that morning and she was able to clear my sinus so I was able to breathe normally the rest of the day. Whatever health issues that I am experiencing, Tess has always been able to resolve or alleviate my condition."  -P Ma / engineer 

"I've had a lot of massage and body work over the years; Tess is the best I've ever met at helping me find a place out comfort in my body. She is not only great at touch, and observant of my breath and places of tension, but a wonderful listener." -Kim W/ physician's assistant 

"I found Tess through a friend. I'm not one to typically get massages.  I'd been having mild right shoulder discomfort due some muscle issues around my scapula which would become very painful after vigorous exercise. I ride and race enduro motorcycles weekly. I didn't know what to expect from this appointment. The office is compact, the surroundings are comforting. Tess wanted to know my concerns, and then while on the table, sort of worked around my limbs and torso to see my general condition. She was able to relax and mobilize my shoulder quickly and painlessly. I was quite surprised to leave feeling very relaxed, and just a few days later was able to ride again w/ absolutely no shoulder pain. Its been a little over two months and I my shoulder is still great. She is wonderful! I've told several friends about her." -S.B. 

"I found Tess while looking for a massage therapist to help me recover from a torn rotator cuff. I am so thankful that I found her when I did! I have had massage from many different therapists, and am quite picky about the skill level of people who work on me. I have seen countless therapists that I have not gone back to due to their lack of skill. Not with Tess! I have seen her every week for several weeks now. 

   Tess’s extensive training shows from the first moment she lays hands on you. She is extremely intuitive and has an amazing ability to both listen to what my body is telling her, as well as to tell it gently what it should be doing. I have never been uncomfortable with the work that she has done. To put it simply, she is gentle but effective. She could identify places that were bothering me without me telling her, and made helpful suggestions for stretches to do in between sessions. 

   I have healed much faster than either I or the physical therapist I am working with expected. I believe much of that is due to Tess’s work, and I am very thankful to be in much less pain and on the road to recovery. Tess does very nice myofascial release work, passive stretching, and incorporates Thai techniques. She clearly cares about her patients and cares about body work and healing. If you need healing, call Tess. My highest recommendation.


Nick P,  software ninja

"I was looking for a quick massage while visiting my brother.  I was able to get an appointment that same day, which was just what I needed after a few days of sightseeing . Tess was very accommodating, focusing on the parts that needed the work the most.  Her massage style is that of myofascial release versus the steamrolling you get of your muscles from the spa type places.  She has a nice ability to spot some trouble points with her intuitive style. The room was cozy and quiet, great table warmed with a heating pad, soft bedding for cover.  Parking easy to find.  Great pricing.  I high recommend her.  If I were a local, I would see her regularly so that she can continue to work with my body as she gets to know it better." -Trupti P. 

“On September 9, 2013, I had an accident requiring an emergency hip replacement and elbow replacement. I had the good fortune to have a daughter who is a surgeon and who is mindful of the process of healing and she found me Tess Bradley, who is knowledgeable in the physical art of healing. They were a great team and I am eternally grateful to both.

   During my recovery, Tess visited me in rehab hospital and gently assisted me in gaining back my leg mobility and functioning in my arm, When I returned home she graciously came to the house to continue to work with me and we continue our relationship on a monthly basis.

   I found Tess to be quietly professional, serious in her pursuit of more training and information. She has an easy confidence that engenders calmness in me. She is a good communicator, responds to emails and phone calls promptly, arrives on time, has good, clean boundaries in regard to length of time of the session and payment. I feel we have a mutual understanding of many issues involved in healing and I have learned from her useful exercises and pursuits to practice. I think of her overall as a fine young person with a sincere devotion to her chosen field. 

   In summary, I would recommend Tess Bradley without reservation and would regard her as a great asset to any therapeutic enterprise.

   Sincerely offered,

   Justine Forbes, MD, Medical Director In-Patient Psychiatry, Good Samaritan Hospital of Los Gatos, CA

"Just got another Awesome Massage from Tess. She never ceases to amaze me with the depth of her knowledge all of the many areas of study she has training in. Most recently I had digestion problems and she gave me an amazing abdominal massage along with a deep therapeutic massage. I practice yoga on a daily basis so I am often sore and massage really helps me recover faster from my workouts. Treat yourself to a healing massage from Tess you deserve it! " -Nova L / Divine Align massage therapy

"My massage with Tess today was wonderful! Her years of experience were evident in the way she meticulously evaluated my body after listening carefully to my concerns. She employed a variety of different modalities in addressing my multiple "problem" areas with comfort and professionalism. The treatment was calming, therapeutic, and felt great! My only regret was that the time (one full hour) flew by too fast! I wish it would have lasted two hours longer! The clean and tidy studio environment was a plus. I didn't want to leave before scheduling my next appointment with her!" -Andrea P.

"Tess is very professional and knowledgable. She is aware of a lot of things that is related to the muscle, their positions, tenses, connections with the joint etc. She is also very attentive and careful. It was relaxing and healing, even educating for me. I certainly will come back again." -Moquian T. 

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