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Massage = healing time

Massage supports your body to heal from overuse, overwhelm or injury. It is also an opportunity to tune in deeply, relax and unwind. Your physiology can relax into balance. This balance allows your body to realign and tissues to work in harmony, from lymph to muscle to bone to nerve and fascia. You can feel this difference in how you breathe, move and rest with greater ease after a session. For some women it is a self care gift, a time to retrieve herself from the world.  

Effective, integrative bodywork

Is your body whispering (or shouting) that she could use something? Do you feel aches and pains, numbness or stiffness? Do you want an effective therapeutic session that is also honoring you, one that blends precise techniques to meet your goals? If so, you are my kind of client! I hope you will contact me to set up a session and discuss how I might support your well being.

Prenatal & postnatal massage, too

 I have many years of experience providing massage for pregnant mothers-to-be. It's a joy for me to help women find pain relief and the comfort of quiet, skilled, nurturing touch. 

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