I help people to connect with their body and develop self-care. People who come me to me may be struggling with pain, repetitive stress injury, balance issues, overworked muscles, stiff joints, adhesions, fatigue, shock or developmental trauma, tendonitis, sciatica, CPP, back, neck or shoulder pain, and so on. A person may feel overwhelmed with a complexity of symptoms or life challenges. Some people want support with a specific health goal, or to find some peace of mind, just receiving skilled and nurturing touch.


  I have extensive training in a wide variety of hands-on bodywork including the Berry Method of corrective massage, myo-fascial, visceral, orthopedic, relaxation, Feldenkrais, Ayurveda and Thai massage. My touch is direct, precise and nurturing. Clients say I help them feel better and that this kind of touch 'feels like butter'. My work is trauma-informed and relational. I work with people of all ages. I take notice of strengths and adaptive patterns, and I focus my attention on caring for the whole person with curiosity and depth.

Contact me to set up a session or a free consultation either in person or over the phone. I look forward to the possibility of meeting you.~Tess

Heading 5

certified massage therapist, 25+ yrs

client-centered, hands on bodywork

attunement ~ alignment ~ resilience

61 Renato Court, suite 15

Redwood City, Ca 94061



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