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my role: to support a client's healing process (vs. trying to "heal" them) 



I am honored to be a supporting role in someone's healing process, and I have made myself aware of the difference between this role and the attempt to heal someone, which is a reflection of a practitioner's failure to experience her own healing. It is a difference in intention, and in the way that I choose to relate to each client, regardless of any tangible outcome. The outcome belongs to the client. The client claims authority of their own healing.

Several factors and resources have helped shaped the role that I play with client's healing process, and the way that I view the healing process and my scope of practice. I am grateful to several people for their influence here.

  • Teaching a course of ethics to young adult massage therapy program called Ethics of Touch by asdfkasdf


  • Consultation with supervisor Dr Claude Arnett PhD who I worked with in his team wraparound program Vaya which helped teenagers and young adults with serious emotional issues in self education and educating families using family system approach and a wide range of choices for clients. ​

  • Similar model to Claude's support circles was the work of Donna C. Cerio of Santa Cruz school for delivering health care to survivors of sexual abuse. I've quoted her manual "Intentional Touch: Delivering Health Care to Survivors of Sexual Abuse, A Guide for Bodywork Therapists". 

  • ​​

  • Further study of "basics" by Lynda Caesera who teaches what she calls Energy Class in Berkeley, CA. She developed the class to address the need for practitioners to be able to cultivate and manage thier own energy, and to keep clear and clean manners energetically when relating in the world.

  • Many teachers of martial arts, qi gong, and bodywork.

Basic skills include:

  • It's not the only valid archetype or way to work. There are plenty of effective and caring practitioners that work through a more conventional model of authority with their clients, including many people I've learned valuable information, techniques, and even skills. However, it is those who template the "teach a man to fish" approach that I am most grateful for. Honoring the protective cocoon rather than tearing it apart. Teaching by example, and with conscious intent to pass things on by example and encouragement that "this little light of mine" can and will shine. 

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I am here to share the skills and resources of 3000+ hours of classroom training and thirty years of literally hands-on experience as a massage therapist, and more recently, an authorized Feldenkrais teacher. My work does help clients heal from an injury, find structural balance and relax from stress. I work with care and curiosity to bring order and harmony to your muscles, fascia (connective tissues), bony attachments of ligaments and tendons, and even organs.  


The more subtle process of healing that comes from within and is more akin to creative learning process is also on my mind while we are working. What does it mean to heal yourself? Does that experience or result come from outside yourself? No, most accurately it comes from your cultivating your own practice. When you are in conscious connection with your inner witness,  tracking the raw sensory data of your breath in relation to your body's living tissues. You may experience a flow of calm vitality, your patterns of discomfort and pain may lessen. You may learn the felt sense of some key things that will change your relationship to life: a felt sense of your core, for instance. By investing in getting to feel and know yourself you will learn your habits and obstacles, without the rush of judgment or worry. In awareness through movement,  you may discover you are gaining a wider set of available choices than you ever imagined possible. 


If you deepen your relationship to your own nature and essence through your time with me, you will carry that out well beyond our time together. I have integrity and do not sell products or keep you strung along with my work. I'm here to exchange what you can use from me, for as long as you'd like, and then that's enough. Some people go on with regular visits after they are feeling physically well just because they enjoy the sessions. Others come and go. It's your choice and all fine with me.   


that I've gained through working with people who believe that the mind and body are meant to be cared for and celebrated. The base of my work is caring and also curiosity, and listening, being present, and sharing the tools that I've been given in my 



I am here to support your overall being, with focus on supporting the subtle parts as well as the muscles, tendons. , including your breath, your connective tissue, your energy levels, and your nervous system.  I "listen" to your breath, your nervous system, your skeleton, muscles, organs and so on. I use gentle non-invasive techniques that which 1) feels great and 2) gives your system the fundamental requirement to rebalance with a calm, grounded nervous system. My aim is to support you in strengthening your proprioceptive awareness and self care skills.      

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